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My files [12]
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My files [12]
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Lojra per Te gjithe
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Learn To Speak English
2011-03-11, 12:50 PM

Learn To Speak English 8.1 - Full Course 4CD | ISO | 2.12 GB

Fundamentals of grammar, built-in tutorial, Talking Dictionary, thematic sections on the U.S., the lessons, exercises, interactive video, voice recognition, recording and listening to pronunciation, statistics etc.

English Interface / ENGLISH INTERFACE.

A Complete Interactive Course:
* Integrated multimedia 100 + lessons
* Speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises
* Customizable Lesson plans
* Interactive video with native speakers
* Advanced speech recognition
* Individual progress tracking
* MP3 audio lessons
* Talking dictionary with 10,000 + words
* PDA dictionary
* Travel phrasebook
This course is equivalent to about a 2 Year course in English. It is a HIGHLY Interactive, self-paced and self-Contained language Program That Will Have you speaking and Understanding everyday English words and phrases in record time.

QuickTime and Audio Video recordings of Native English speakers Will you help your Further conversational skills in the context of Real-life Situations. With Learn to Speak English as your guide, learning English is easy, flexible, and convenient. And, it works. This is a complete course that develops speaking, reading, and writing skills. This program includes a separate English Pronunciation Guide that demonstrates all the basic English sounds: vowels, consonants, diphthongs, difficult sounds, and more! There are detailed animations of the speech process and close-up videos of native speakers to show you how to form your lips and place your tongue so that you can speak flawless English.

There are 30 Chapters in the course. Each chapter is based on Real-life Situations: arrival at an airport, ordering at a restaurant, Registering at a hotel, Asking directions, and SO on. So you don't just learn some arbitrary collection of words - you learn words that you can actually use in your everyday interaction with people and situations.

The course is HIGHLY Interactive: you learn, you Are tested. You speak, you are evaluated. You write, your spelling is checked. Grammar is introduced as you need it. So you use grammar right away - and you remember it almost instinctively. You see words, you hear words, you say words. The program contains 20 native American speakers to help you master conversational fluency. It's the most effective way to learn a foreign language short of actually staying in a English speaking country! And you get over an hour of original movies that show and describe the history and culture of America spoken by native American speakers.

System requirements

Windows 95/98, Me, 2000, XP, 7
Pentium ® 166 or faster
32 MB RAM;
125 MB free hard disk space
SVGA monitor, 256 colors
Windows-compatible sound card & speakers
4X CD-ROM drive


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